Joan Fabian

mixed media
artist's statement
"The work I do stems from the associations with the memories I have. The colors and forms I use come from a memory vocabulary. They have a history to me and I apply them to the process in layers upon layers to represent a memory galaxy. I am interested in what shapes our aesthetic tastes and pick a square over a circle to call a house to live in. We feel safe with them because they refer to the community we lived in. Things decorative, colorful and excessive are explored through the “collection” of objects I create. When I was in Delft, Holland on an artist residency, each day I decorated a new paper plate with contrasting designs influenced by traditional blue and white Delftware. The amount of accumulation that occurs from this process is a byproduct of our materialistic society of never having enough and mark our time with the baggage we carry. There is a story of a man who after his wife’s death decorated every inch of their house with the broken bits of the plates his wife once collected." 

"Square Assumption", by Joan Fabian


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